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FAI's "Nuclear Technical Bulletins" are a forum on recent advances in nuclear safety. It addresses subscriber’s concerns regarding issues, practices and latest laboratory equipment used for emergency relief system design, plant safety and more. 

Nuclear Technical Bulletin


Topics include:

  • Acoustic Analysis, Debris Intrusion
  • Cable Health Aging Management Program (CHAMP™)
  • Chemical and Radioactive Waste Safety
  • Circuit Analysis
  • Commercial Grade Dedication/Reverse Engineering and Obsolesence Replacement
  • Custom Engineering
  • D&D Process Engineering
  • Equipment Qualification (EQ)
  • EMC
  • Fire Modeling
  • Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA) Test Chamber
  • Severe Accident Mitigation/ Prevention/ Analysis
  • Waterhammer
  • Facility Flow
  • Aerosol
  • Thermal and Explosion Model (FATE™) 2.0
  • Post-Fukushima Engineering